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Current Line-Up

Chad Carrier  
r     Bernie Deal Drums/Vocals Dave Carradi Guitar


Big Mess is a band made up of veteran musicians who enjoy laughing and having a good time and most of all – playing music together.  Their backgrounds are diverse but all have this one common thread running through them and that’s heritage.  They love to rock and they love mayhem, but when these guys put these two main ingredients together, you get a high voltage raw and uncensored brilliance that keeps the audiences coming each and every time. Members of Big Mess are the right musicians who have the right personalities, the right state of mind and live for one purpose..... to deliver the goods.

With 4 albums and a DVD already under their belts, Big Mess are soon to release their 5th album "I Am American" May 11th 2017. The album features 12 brand new songs including a cover version of the Ramones classic "I Wanna Be Sedated." 

Chad Carrier (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) started right in the middle of the punk scene with a group called Easter which was one of the pioneers of the 80’s sound.  He's played on hit songs featured on the world famous KROQ as well as VH1 and MTV.  He lives his life large and enjoys every moment of it.  After Easter he joined the intense and volatile, almost all girls band Lovedog.  With an album released in Germany and tours of Europe and the West Coast, the band were courted by but not signed by any major labels causing the disintegration of the band.  He found local success with Black Eyed Susans, CC at the Jackpot Prize and Irish music sensations the Shillaly Brothers who were nominated for an Academy Award for there song Pop in the movie White Irish Drinkers.. Ready to start something fresh and without pretense, Chad formed Big Mess

Bernie Deal (drums) hails from the punk rock era.  Originally from Maryland, he’s a musician’s drummer easily tackling styles from rock to metal to funk.  He first made a name for himself playing with The Blob. He can play anything and one of the main reasons why he’s with Big Mess.

Dave Carradi (Guitar) A veteran guitarist who has played with many top level bands like Danny Dean and The Homewreckers and easter. A perfect balance for the Mess.

Big Mess Alumni

Rex Bailey (guitar/vocals) started his career with his father playing jazz and bebop.  Before switching to guitar, Rex first started out as an accomplished drummer. He was the original drummer for the hit makers Ambrosia and played also spent time playing with the Doobie Brothers. When he switched over to six-strings he played with the popular Irish music band the Shillaly Brothers (along with Chad Carrier) and also played with the late great Dave Travis. He is known to be one of the best guitar players around.  He delivers with genuine raw emotion and his guitar sings every time he puts his fingers on the strings.

Marc Bailey (vocals/percussion) was added in to fill out the vocal harmonies with his brother Rex.  His addition made for a richer sound all around. This resulted in being that much desired cherry on top. 

Doug Birns (lead guitar) Is no stranger to the L.A. music scene. His credits include the popular 80s and 90s rock bands  Rock City Angels and Lovedog. He joined Big Mess in late 2014 after the exit of Rex Bailey.

Matty "Soccermom" Goodman (rhythm guitar) boasts an impressive musical pedigree having previously played for the likes of Soccermom, Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Jon Fracshonte (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Los Microwaves. Matty joined Big Mess in late 2014.

John Garber (Guitar and Vocals) Is no stranger to the L.A. music scene. His credits include rock and roll and great songwriting. He joined Big Mess in late 2015. Left in late 2017 to start a new project.